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Im the type of girl not many notice, but who ever i am, i'm proud of it

the stab that hurt

Sad right, when your life is going all perfect, and then you get those random flashbacks that bring back painful memories. You just close your eyes and everything just goes blank and then u get those painful memories all over again, bringing tears to your eyes. But well no matter how hard you try; those memories can never be erased. Being so close to victory, and then losing all over again. It’s impossible to stop the tape and rewind; it’s just like a broken record. They don’t ask for permission, they just come without any warning. They just there, stuck in the head, deep down in the heart. Not ever wanting to come out. They bring tears, tears that never seem to end. They just flow like a river, nonstop. They leave a heartache that can never be healed. Like a bullet shot through your heart, leaving a hole that can never be filled…


Unspoken off

Sometimes its pretty hard to let go of the past because when you do that it hard hurts the most, like a knife being stabbed through your heart…

Hey guys! this is my new blog and i’m going to post all my life lessons and quotes here. I’ no professional at this but whatever i do i do it for myself coz I’ve learnt one thing in life: you gotta do what u gotta do because what u don’t do is what you have missed out. I’ve left many opportunities in my life and i seriously am not going to let that happen to anyone else now. i have this passion for writing so i am going to post all my new stuff here for all of you to read and tell me how it is. And yes one more thing, this blog has this name “teen wars” because i am going to mention all the terrible stuff a teen has to go through and the perfect ways to survive it. i hope you like it and please don’t forget to comment so i know if you are happy with me or not.